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May 26, 2015

Hi all,

I wondered if anybody could give me some advice. I upload my AS content to my website using Grassblade xAPI companion. These lessons are published in TinCan V1.0 for LMS. 

I am having trouble with achieving an optimum player launch configuration. Grassblade xAPI provides options to launch the lesson in one of the following ways:

  • In the same window
  • In a new window
  • In a pop-up lightbox.

To avoid unwanted pop-up blockers, I set it to launch in a lightbox. The AS lesson itself is configured as follows:

  • Display at users current browser size
  • Scale browser to fit browser window 

I have deselected 'Launch player in a new window (creates launch page)' because A) I am using Grassblade xAPI companion to configure the way the player launches and B) I don't want people's pop-up blockers to be activated if the lesson is configured to launch in a new window. 

I am left with a problem using this configuration. Android devices produce the dead face when I use xAPI to launch a lightbox; iOS functions fine. I am not sure why this is. AS say that it isn't a AS issue. 

Does anybody have an opinion about whether this is the optimum way to configure the AS browser settings? 

Any advice is greatly welcome. 

Many thanks!


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