locating an 'old' blog on providing a help button for navigation

I am going around in circles trying to find a blog that I read months ago where the writer had produced a simple guide to navigation around the screen for new users - tucked away behind a help button at the top of the screen.

I have been trying to do searches all over the place with  key words and simply cannot track it down.  Can anyone point me in the right direction to find this again?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Peb, here are a couple examples where folks in the community blogged about their navigation guides, and gave away their source files - maybe one of these is what you're thinking of?

Tracy Parish: http://discovery-thru-elearning.blogspot.com/2010/02/navigating-online-course-articulate.html

Jade Kelsall:  http://jadekelsall.com/blog/2009/11/navigation-tab/

Another example that is great for inspiration is the "How To Navigate" tab at the top of e-Mersion's CPR course: http://community.articulate.com/blogs/elearning-examples/archive/2011/02/17/e-mersion-cpr-course.aspx

Jeanette Brooks

If you do happen to remember the topic of the course you had in mind, or even if you remember anything about the way it looked or the slide content, maybe we could keep digging until we find the one you wanted to see. In the meantime, it's very cool that you're digging in and creating one of your own! Feel free to post a screenshot or a link here if you'd like folks to offer feedback or tips!

Peb Thomas

Hello again

unfortunately its one of those 'I will know it when I see it' situations......... fat lot of help that is to anyone!

It was a while ago....... maybe even a year ago....... and like Tracey's (which I have now opened) it was to support new online learners to understand what the various bits of the screen were.

I want to create two things really.  Firstly a short elearning module of its own on how to move about the screen and the various things that they could encounter in a typical elearning module.  Then secondly a link from a tab on all pages in subsequent pages in a module to a help page with a reminder of what the various icons/labels/tabs around the screen mean. 

I have done a first attempt at the second item as Engage page all on its own, but with the same background as the main elearning document.  Now I don't know how to link the two together! 

I dont' really want to import the 'help' section into the elearning module itself... but maybe I will have to.

time will tell!