Inserting images into stacked blocks in Rise

May 01, 2019

Hello - I am relatively new to Rise and have just seen an article (Rapid E-Leaning Blog where Tom inserts images into a  button stackable block. I have looked everywhere trying to find how the image is inserted?? Or is it a storyline interaction made to look like a block? Help??

Thanks Hannah

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Hannah,

I think what has been done here is to use a number of different blocks to create each individual menu item.

What I have done in this example is to recreate Tom's menu item using an Image and Text block, where the image is the character, background and text ("An Unfinished Job") on the left, with the text ("Learn how to work . . .") on the right. This is then followed by a Button block, where the description has been removed. Finally, the menu item is finished off with a straight line divider.

Hope this helps and apologies to Tom if I got it wrong !

Ned Whiteley

Hi Tom,

Thanks for including the tip about the padding. I was wondering why your version appeared a bit sleeker than mine and now I know ! I never normally worry about the padding, but this is a simple example of how it can be put to good use.

You're right, it is a really cool effect and looks particularly good against the white background, so thanks for sharing.

Adrian Tam

Hi Tom,

I really like this look, but the steps to get there seem daunting. I'm trying to re-create this and getting tripped up on creating the right image (assume you're using PowerPoint). I used a custom shape for the "button", cropped the character at the bottom and tried to align the bottom of the character with the bottom of the shape, but the result isn't very clean.

How did you make it appear that the character is "inside" the button at the bottom of the shape, but not the top? Also, how do you get the image to 6:1? I tried grouping the objects (character, shape and text) and resizing the whole thing, but there doesn't seem an easy way to change the aspect ratio (see attached) to get the image to the size you mentioned. Any chance you can elaborate a bit on your process for this?