Locking answer choices when randmosing others.


Is there a way using articulate storyline to shuffle answer choices but keeping the last one locked. I can see a thread showing how do it in quiz maker but the right hand click option when authoring the answers doesn't seem to give me the option to lock the answer in place.

Q: What is the correct answer to this question

Answer A

Answer B

Answer C

All of the above (I want to lock this in place at the end)




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Cary Glenn

Hi Mark,

I don't believe that is possible. I do have an idea though. 

 I dislike using "All of the above" and "None of the above". A smart test taker can easily deduce that "All of the above" answer is correct if they recognize that more than one answer is correct. They can eliminate "None of the above" by recognizing that one of the answers is right. So you may want to reconsider the question.

This is a situation to use the "pick many" option. This way the learner must recognize all of the correct answers and none of the incorrect options. It also provides less clues on the answer.

Mark Wilson

Hi Cary, thanks for your reply, the question I am putting together doesn't actually have "All of the above" in it...i just used that as an example in my post.

The question I am authoring has an option "I don't know" as it is not an "exam" I am putting together and more of a knowledge assessment...hard to explain in writing but I want to give learners the option to say I don't know so we can better fill their knowledge gaps rather than force them to guess an answer if they don't know it.

It sounds as though Articulate storyline can't do it though