Look for a help about video conversion issue

Any video geek out there! please give me some advice. 

Last Friday, I videotaped our organization's event and they asked me to convert as a dvd!

I got three high definition video files (mts file) format.  i combined them into one with 60 frame per second in a prizm converter. 

The thing is when i import the file into Adobe Premiere pro, 60 frame per second drop to 59.42 fps automatically. Then, the sound of the last part of the movie is somewhat out of synk.. 

How can I solve this issue? Any suggestion or advice or or any other web site?  This is pretty important video clip for our organization, thus I would like to do my best. All the technical jargon related to video technology makes me sigh.  


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Steve Flowers

Ah, AVCHD Try a few things:

1 - Download the VLC Media player. This can play MTS files. Is the video in sync when played back?

2 - Clear your media cache and try importing your video into a new file.

If that doesn't fix the sync you might try an AVCHD converter. These utilities will convert your unruly AVCHD formats to something easier to work with. There are quite a few products on the market. I use the process described here to help with NEX-5n AVCHD output: