Looking for a graphic theme for a competition tutorial- any ideas?

May 03, 2016


I'm building a tutorial about competitors and I'm stuck without a graphic theme:(.
This tutorial begins with an ancient map of wars, demonstrating that there are different types of competitors and battles, and after the map I can't think of a graphic idea to continue with.
The information that needs to be delivered after the map (competitive landscape) is some important points about each competitor, more detailed information on one main competitor, a table that summarizes the capabilities that the competitors have/ don't have, a market share pie etc.

Currently I'm focused on creating the graphic theme: How would you choose to represent the competitors?
At first I thought about Warriors, then I thought of  various games competitors, and even of business cards that display the data.
I can not formulate an idea that I am satisfied with.

I'd love some help, and if someone has a similar theme example I would love to see and get inspired.



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Bob S

So sports themes come to mind of course, and given your use of maps and ancient wars my first thought jumps to "gladiatorial combat".  Perhaps you can create the modern equivalent of a baseball trading card for each gladiator.

Another choice might be more like a city-state theme...  Competitor X = Sparta, Competitor Y = Athens, etc etc.   Again, create a standard format to display their "stats", but you can customize with slight unique variations (eg the Sparta equivalent has a shield device in the corner, Thrace has a bottle of wine/grapes, etc)

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