Looking for an eLearning Projet Tasks & Milestones template

Mar 09, 2017

Hello, everyone!

I'm looking for an eLearning project tasks & milestones template. Something like you would find in MS Project, where all the tasks and subtasks are listed. I recreated something like this: https://elearning.net/high-level-elearning-project-plan/ but want to know what you are all using.

Would anyone have something similar to share? Your help would just be awesome! 

I just want to make sure I haven't forgotten any steps.




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Magda Diaz

All these look great especially for ADDIE. I am using Office 365 Planner now for more Agile based projects. Really good for collaboration, flexibility, adding links and attachments and easy drag and drop addition of tasks. I like that you can also view the progress and tasks in different ways.

Take a look if you are using 365. (If you've used cloud based tools like Asana, this is very similar)

Gary Moulton

Hi Julie

I have read these responses and wondered which one if any youhave decided touse.  Currently I am at the position you were in several months ago when you asked the question. I have been using my own personalised spreadsheet to track my projects. This has served me welll but I am wondering what else is out there that may be better.

Thanks again.


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