Looking for an LMS that incorporates social interaction

Sep 17, 2013

I have been tasked with investigating how we can set up an LMS for a client that specifically includes a social interaction aspect to it.

The client wants to have safety training courses for their industry that take the format of a scenario based story, where as you go through the story, choices made either lead to good or bad consequences (i'm sure everyone has seen the kind of thing I'm talking about even if my description is not so good!) and a final outcome followed by a test on what has been learned through this process.

However they also want the LMS/site to be able to display individual scores in a "league table" and have points allocated for the successful completion of each course.  The idea is to (hopefully) spur competition between the employees to get the best score and as points are accumulated they can be redeemed later for prizes (again to spur competition).  They would like to have the ability for people to post comments and safety ideas on the same site and to engage in discussion.  Ideally we would also like to post a weekly problem and have people post their solutions, either as individuals, or as a group from different locations and units, again to have points awarded. 

The home page would ideally display the points table leader etc., news from the company safety committee, profiles of users, blog entries, etc.  I have found a couple of companies (BizPart Engage is one) that provide this kind of framework with a SCORM compliant LMS included so we can track course completion etc. but I am hoping there are forum members out there that have this type of site in place or maybe have some good information that would help me.

A cloud-based service with a simple template based framework for the web/social portion of it and capable of delivering the courses is the ideal solution, but I'm not sure if there are other options.

Thanks for any help or suggestions you can offer.

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Amitesh Pandey

Hi Andrew,

We are New Jersey HQ organization with sales and development support from UK and INDIA. We do understand your need and has experience of delivering end to end e-Learning for more that two decade now. Our web: www.Infoprolearning.com

If you suggest some time we would like to connect with you and discuss about your need. I am sure a virtual demo of our credentials will help you to evaluate us better.

Feel free to drop me a line at amitesh.pandey@infoprolearning.com

Kind regards,


john faulkes

Andrew, if you are interested in using Storyline as your content platform, some colleagues and I have nearly completed an LMS design that enables it to connect different users and display common information across a group (such as league tables, summed ideas and more).

We will be publishing an update and demo in a few weeks, meanwhile I hope you don't mind if I bookmark you and send it through?

Please also feel free to send me a private message if you wish to discuss before that.


Kate Salvan

I would like to suggest JoomlaLMS


It is developed for Open sourced Joomla CMS that is why can be modified as a user wants. In addition to a variety of features it integrates with a powerful social tool called JomSocial (http://www.jomsocial.com) It is one of the most popular social tools for Joomla with more than 80 000 downloads.

JoomlaLMS + JomSocial bundle provides many benefits including customizable profiles, learning communities and collaborative tools such as forums, whiteboards, life conferences, file exchanges and others.

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