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Greg Smith

Hi Liz,

You're dealing with some complex information!

I'm still fairly new to Articulate, but here are a couple of quick thoughts:

In the first 2 drag and drop exercises, if the user gets it wrong, consider resetting the exercise for them.

In the first drag and drop you labeled the circles, but didn't in the second exercise.

I LOVED the final exercise with the emails, phone calls and people stopping by. Loved the realistic problems to solve. Nice job!

Amy Iannucci

Hi Liz,

I really like your design and  your instructions at the beginning! All very clear, easy to follow, and look good.

My suggestion - I would make the Recommended Resources notice a lot more obvious - I didn't even see it at all, going through it the first time. And I clicked on the Resources tab but couldn't tell from the names of the docs which would be helpful. I finally did see your note up there in the corner, but it's not very obvious.

The Test Your Skills section was great, too, and very cleverly done! I had fun going through the whole thing, even though I didn't do very well.

Thanks for posting this. It's really helpful to look at what others are doing as I am designing software training too, and you have some neat ideas.

Fantastic job!


Tom Kuhlmann

You've got some nice things going on. Just a few ideas on some of the visuals:

  • in the word choice drag drop, the drop box is gray and then there's a dotted line. That's two visual indicators. I'd get rid of the gray since it's really dark. I'd make the box a lighter version of the callout box and then ditch the dotted lines.
  • you have a flat design look, be sure to be consistent. I noticed in most cases the boxes had no outline and in some they did. I'd drop the outlines
  • there are some persistent elements like "clicking to go to the main menu" they could probably be minimized or use an icon to make them less prevalent and open up the screen a bit
  • I'd also look at ditching the default feedback screens on the quiz questions and creating your own. I've seen some nice examples (can't find the links) where the feedback screen was more integrated into the slide and didn't look like it was hanging over it
Phil Mayor

Thanks for sharing a few things I would change

Collapse the menu on the left, it will make the course look more manageable for the user when it first loads

I would match the sidebar colour of the player to that of the slide frame will reduce the impact of the player and make the content king.

The recommended resources is quite helpful but the resources tab covers this perhaps move resources tab to left instead so you can read the recommended resources at the same time.

On the intro screen the two bars that are shorter do they have less importance for the user? The change in height should imply something or is it just to make room for the label?  

Your slides are quite busy, perhaps you could ditch the submit buttons and add a toolbar at the bottom with Home button, restart etc to clean up the UI that is spread over the slide.

On sone of the drag and drops there is a reset option and others have none, could be confusing.

On the hold codes drag and drop section i got confused in other examples we dragged the coloured boxes now I need to drag the grey boxes. It helps a user to navigate your course by maintaining the same conventions.

On the Reserve, Commit Allocate page you have buttons onscreen and PREV/NEXT buttons not sure what to do here do they all go different places?

On the multiple choice/response questions get rid of the glow selected state and change the rectangle colour instead the glow is not obvious.

The item borrowing drag and drop question looks like the multiple choice/response question this again is confusing and could do with a redesign.

I think overall you could benefit from adding in slide transitions (just simple fades) some animations the title screen crystal out for the sections to fly in from the bottom.

But also objects could animate in subtly, perhaps any object that can be interacted with animates onto the slide at the beginning.

Also I would add hover states to anything that can be interacted with.  

Nice course, Thanks!

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