Looking for inspiration for "sorting" activities

Nov 11, 2014

Could anyone point me to some examples of "sorting" activities, specifically ones where the user clicks a button or check box to sort an item into another area? I'm trying to get some ideas for an interaction that a client has asked of me and nothing is coming to mind.

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Nicola Redfearn

I had a go creating something all on one slide but it was clunky. 

However a two step version could be more elegant.  
On Slide 1, they enter a list of tasks into data entry field. 
Then, Slide 2 is a drag and drop interaction.  The drag items are rectangles with a reference to the text entry field and they come in one at a time.

You'd have to amend the correct / incorrect feedback layers as there isn't really a right answer.

I've attached the .story file if you want to have a play!

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