Looking for options to variable tied to state change

I have a project where we had a number of elements launching from one slide that we wanted to ensure the learner viewed. The whole course is open, but on certain slides the next button was disabled until the state changed on all the buttons to unlock. It seems to be buggy and I'm looking for alternatives. 

Support has suggested: Number Variable that'll increment its value when users complete each module. Then, use the value of the variable as Condition instead of the object's State - in which the course was originally designed. 

Are there other ways you can think of that might work more consistently?

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Holly MacDonald

Hi Michael - I've had support look at the courses, and their suggestion was the number variable.

I had it as t/f variable to change once the state of all buttons that showed the sections changed. The bug was that the state change didn't seem to "stick" - it would work going forward (usually) but when you went backwards, after the next button was unlocked, the state changes were not applying consistently. And the suggestions to fix were all browser related. I didn't want my client's employees to have to tinker with their browser, so looking for a way that's more reliable for the end user.

Support suggested I check with the community about any other alternatives to the number variable option. 

Thanks for your input,



I had a similar issue once and solved it by using a T/F variable for EACH element and one master T/F variable that only toggled on the condition that all other T/Fs were true. It is very similar to what you have but you are looking at a number of variables instead of a number of object states.