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May 25, 2012

I'm an eLearning Designer, not a web designer.  I have built three portfolio-type websites from templates.  I've been approached by a friend who wants me to build a site for him.  At first glance, I thought that I could use a WordPress template and plug-ins to build all this without much trouble.  

As we have gotten into this, I need some help with two issues:

  1. It is looking like the site is going to need a small, but searchable database of the members and their profile information.  
  2. I need to find the best solution that will allow me to create to create a totally detailed and customized profile pages for members - either a profile plug-in, or something that will allow members to create their own pages that I template.

Can anyone recommend do-it-yourself solutions for either of these, or refer me to a reputable web developer who charges reasonable rates?

I know that we are a group of eLearning designers, but I'm hoping some of you either have some web design experience, or know some people who do!  Thanks in advance for your help!


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Bruce Graham

Simon Perkins said:

Bruce Graham said:

Not sure of the SEO considerations.

Surely the Flash output will be fenced off from any SEO?

Possibly, hence said I did not know

I use my website for "advertising" rather than anything else, for sending to people once the initial contact is made, so not an issue for me at the moment.

If it is in the future, I may realise that this was a ridiculous suggestion


Jill McNair

Thanks for the idea Bruce, but unfortunately it's a little too complicated a site to use Storyline for.  I'd love to!  

After lots of searching, I did find a Saas service where I can build a database-based site called Webvanta.  I am hoping that this will work for me.  I still may end up having to hire someone to do parts of this though, so I'd still love any reliable web designer/developer referrals any of you might have.

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