Maintain Clarity/Aspect Ratio with Larger Player

Oct 07, 2016


Long time reader, first time writing in!

I have not been actually building in Storyline for long, but have recently started developing e-modules for my company in Storyline and as such we are still combing out the knots.

With my first project, I have it in a 4:3 (720x540) aspect ratio and it mostly looks fine, however our Learning and Development Manager believes that everything is too small at that aspect ratio, but with some buttons and whatnot, upping the font size will cause issues with the way things fit on the screen. The main reason that I use this ratio is that (from what I've read in forums) it is the most versatile, particularly if people will be using iPads, etc to view the content.

Is changing our aspect ratio from 720x540 to perhaps 1440x1080 (assuming I can just double the ratio I already have?) going to drastically affect the content/layout and useability for learners when we finally roll out the content?

I've not dealt much with aspect ratio settings in e-learning before, so any other advice in that and ensuring readability in our modules will be appreciated.

Thanks very much,


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