Make Export to Web smoother?

Hey all! I'm looking to use a quiz landing page for a marketing side gig, and I thought Storyline would make a great solution. It....kinda does. My main gripes are that the Storyline output doesn't behave like a web page...the text isn't selectable, it's not really mobile responsive, and there's a weird Play button when you access the Story file.

I know this isn't the official purpose of Storyline, but I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for making it a little more functional. The play button thing is particularly irritating.

Here's an example of what I'm looking to do (except that I'm looking to market to customers and not help my boyfriend pick a restaurant for his birthday dinner...same concept, though).

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James Jenneman

That's great! The thread includes how to remove the start button in Rise, how to remove the Details link in Rise, how to start a Rise course in a particular lesson rather than from the beginning (which was going to be my next question). This is so helpful! Thanks for the tip :-)