Making a checkmark appear on a main menu once a branch is complete

Aug 07, 2013


Brand new to Articulate and a bit stuck. Can anyone help?

What I'm trying to do is have a checkmark appear on a main menu to show an element of learning has been completed.

This is where I'm at: a main menu branches to 4 scenarios and once a scenario is complete the learner goes back to the main menu to choose which they would like to do next.

It would be useful to have a checkmark appear on this main menu to indicate that a particular scenario has been completed. I've tried a number variable and a true/false options, but nothing seems to work.

Here's an example of what I've tried:

The image of a checkmark is on the main menu set to hidden, with a trigger - change state of checkmark1 to normal when variable (ShowChk1) is equal to true.

The return to menu button on the last slide in the scenario is set to adjust the variable (ShowChk1) to true, but nothing happens in either preview or when published.

What am I missing?

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Lenae Boykin


This is a great example but I have another question. On your hub (menu) page, it forces the user to make a predetermined selection instead of having the ability to select any of the icons. Is having that as an option, the freedom to select any of the icons at anytime with the  possibility to still have tracking and checking off once they finish that specific module (scene)?

Am I making sense?



I did a screenr to help a colleague make the decision to buy StoryLine that I think shows an example of of what you are asking. The point was to show taking a linear course (powerpoint) and making it non-linear. However, it does show some of the elements that you are talking about. Note that it doesn't show a check mark, but rather changes the state of certain menu options as they are selected.

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