Making the Mundane of State Laws More Interesting

Aug 04, 2014

We have been providing online education for quite a few years now. We have found a lot of people get bored with some of the content. Unfortunately, some topics are state mandated and they have to learn them. Can anyone give me some advice on how to make learning about state laws less boring? The link is to content that we are required to teach to students.

Anything suggested would be greatly appreciated!

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Tim Danner

Off the top of my head after a quick look at the content:

  • Maybe try to show the content as a visual representation that explains it in simplified terms
  • While reading 19.28.321, it occurred to me that you might be able to walk people through that reg in story form, breaking down that block of text into scenes, e.g., the director of labor/officials would be in scene 1, appointing of inspectors could be scene 2, etc.
  • The Definitions can be put into an Engage glossary interaction
  • I haven't look over the content close enough to know if this would be the case, but I think a number of the Engage interactions might work well with some of the content
Jerson  Campos

I would go with a series of scenarios like Tim suggested. When you say state mandated, will they be required to take a test at the end or is this just to be aware of the laws? If it is the latter then maybe rephrasing the laws into a more conversational tone would also help. You could put a link to the actual wording of the regulations so that the learner has access to it.

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