Maths Shopping Game

Jun 30, 2015


I am trying to develop a Shopping game, I have used drag and drop to select items, can we take those selected items in next slides ?



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Jackie Van Nice

Hi Maulik/Rekha! 

You can. I've attached a simple file in Storyline 2 to illustrate, and you can see it in action here.

What I did:

  1. Created a true/false variable for each draggable item with an initial value of false.
  2. On the drag & drop screen added a trigger to each item to change its variable to true when dropped on the target.
  3. On the second screen added a trigger for each item to change its state to visible if its related variable is true - that is - if it was dropped on the target in the prior screen.

I hope that helps! Good luck with your game. :)


Selecting Items in a Drag & Drop

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