Maximum Storyline File Size and Number of Scenes and Slides

Jul 20, 2014

Hi all,

Would the Storyline veterans offer some guidelines and opinions on maximum file sizes and maximum number of Scenes and Slides to us Nubes?


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Phil Mayor

You can increase the compression I have it set to Maximum quality, if this is too poor it is possible to switch out the videos after publishing.

I have a feeling that the file size on my 1.2 gb file is because I had to import the content from Keynote, which meant exporting to PPT and then importing the PPT.

This has bloated the file a bit I think.

Brooke Schepker

Hi, Don! We are currently working on a course with 23 scenes, and 314 total slides. The saved Storyline file size is 375MB, but published it is reduced to 127MB. The course is very screen capture and audio heavy, but is running really well. Like Michelle mentioned above, often the hardest part is getting the LMS to accept such a large zipped file.

Good luck!

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