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Jul 23, 2013

Hello Everyone,

I was just wondering does anyone utilize a lot of videos in their elearning modules?  What LMS provides the best streaming of videos when content is hosted on their servers (e.g. Blackboard, Desire2learn, etc)   The company that I work for is looking into a robust LMS solution that can manage elearning and multimedia.   There have been many posts about selecting an LMS but I didn't find much in terms of streaming video.  Thank you in advance for any information that you can share.

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Layton,

Are you referring to videos within Storyline?

If not, you pretty much answered half your question with the second sentence. Technically, streaming does not really depend on the LMS per se, but the media player they use (JWPlayer etc) and the load and throughput of the server that actually hosts the videos themselves.

You might find that hosting videos in a cloud service provider (such as Amazon or Rackspace) may be faster than (for example) hosting them on the same server your LMS sits on (no matter how many bells and whistles the LMS itself has).

Just my 2c,

Layton Fogah

Hello Alexandros,

Thank you for the fast reply.   I guess I am interested in finding out where people are hosting their videos outside of youtube.   I know some LMS's provide hosting services as well and I just want to see what is out there.  I appreciate the ones you mentioned.  I will look into them.

B. Smith

Hi Layton,

There is a company called">DigitalChalk that allows you to upload videos easily and have great quality as well. They use 

HD Learn Technology which helps the video to be the best quality possible. 

DigitalChalk is SCORM  1.2 compliant...Here is a link to more features they offer if you are interested:

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