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May 13, 2011

I am looking for a way that I can use a menu slide within the presentation (my SME does not want to use the Outline View option on the left side of the slide), allow the learner to access a menu item (8 total) when they want to view it (as opposed to forcing a restricted navigation,  visually show when a menu item has been visited, and ensure that the learner has viewed all 8 menu topics by the end of the course.  My two thoughts on this would be to track via number of slides visited, but that would not solve the problem of showing when a menu has been visited,  and/or create the entire course inside Engage.  Has anyone been faced with this dilemma and successfully found a solution? 

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Phil Mayor

Hi Curtis

You could build something in flash that tracks the users, ideally have a menu slide (locked)(I would use icons, maybe similar to ipad/iphone screen) with all eight options and after each one has been attempted tick the icon and remove the htperlink and once all eight are ticked show a button (possibly another icon) to move to the end of the presentation

We have built something similar in the past, based on James Kinglseys flashvars example on his blog, it worked well

Otherwise this is difficult using articulate out of the box because of the number of options (8) you have


Kayla Burtch

Does the SME insist that the nav-menu not be visable ALL the time, or only during the non-menu part of the slide.

Because you can switch between views in the slide properties area. (And if under presentation options you remove the "switch views" button, the user will not be able to "open" the navigation sidebar at will)

This way the items are "checked off" by the sidebar, which you only choose "sidebar" view for the menu slide.

Curtis Kynerd

Thanks for the ideas.  My SME does not want to use the Nav Menu at all, so that option is out for her.  As far as the Flash option, we don't have access currently to Flash, so that one is probmatical at best.  I hate to be ignorant on this, but how would I go about building a custom skin with a pop up menu feature?

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