Micro Learning options with Cornerstone

Feb 13, 2020

I'm developing a topic for a corporate client which could have c. 30 micro learning components. I think this is the way to go. But I have some concerns. For a previous client I developed 5 separate modules which I thought ideally sized for the attention span of users. But the L&D people requested I combine them into 1 course. I suspect this had everything to do with the inflexibility of their LMS. Certainly the screenshots I saw didn't look very user friendly.

I really want my new micro modules to also be used for a drip campaign, following a related ILT class. For Rise content, they would need to be separate courses, right?

My client is completing a global Cornerstone install. How do people think this LMS will lend itself to providing a quick-access experience for learners? Also, I would want to help them build a auto-timed drip campaign lasting several months. Would Cornerstone have native functionality for this?


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Judy Nollet

Hi, John,

I'm definitely not an LMS expert. But my main client uses Cornerstone, so I'll share my 2-cents' worth.

Cornerstone can certainly be set up so a given training assignment contains multiple courses. My guess is that some folks prefer 1 long course over multiple shorter courses because it looks like less training to complete when the user first sees the assignment. (Imagine: "What! I have to take 5 courses!")

"Quick-access experience"? I've yet to see an LMS that provides that. After all, to re-open a course, someone has to locate the URL, go to the LMS, log in, locate the completed course they're interested in, and re-launch it. Not exactly a "just in time" opportunity.

I don't know if Cornerstone can be completely set up in advance to assign and notify users about "drip" courses being released over several months. The set up work would likely have to be done separately for each "drip," and the LMS folks might need to or prefer to do the set up closer to the release date.

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