Mobile and Multi-Devi​ce E-learning

Mar 18, 2014

I am a master student in Turkey and now I am writing my thesis. My topic is about design differences of e-learning courses in multidevices (for web, tablet and phones) and I need different courses to analyze.

I am looking for e-learning courses which have a desktop, a tablet and a smartphone version. However, I cannot find. Do you know this kind of e-learning courses? If yes, can you recommend me?

Thank you very much

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esra işg

Rıdvan Saglam said:

Hi Esra,

You are looking for a course which can be used on all these platforms, right? 

I can share a course, actually a game, which can be used on computer and iPad, if you want.

Yes, I'm looking a course which has a different design for web, tablet and smartphones. I will compare their design. However, I can look at your course. Can you share it please?

Thank you very much

esra işg

Michael Hinze said:

Hi Esra, welcome to the community. You might want to check out the Storyline Showcase. The samples shown there provide Flash (desktop) and HTML5 versions for iPad.

Thank you but I think Stoyline courses have the same design for tablet and web. Am I right?

I am looking for a different design because I will compare them.

Nicole Legault

Hi Esra!

This isn't an example, but I thought I should point you in the direction of this article: Design Mobile Learning Like a Pro. It's an article with a lot of tips, best practices, and considerations for design when creating a course for mobile phones or tablets. You might be able to get some valuable information from this for your thesis. Good luck!

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