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Apr 07, 2013


One recurrent question here on the forums has to do with how to approach mobile learning design. I think that one type of navigation that can work really well on the iPad is the accordion navigation panel. So, inspired by a template created by David Fair some weeks ago, I have recreated that type of navigation by placing the tabs horizontally and by using some interface elements (bars, buttons and feedback box) that resemble iOS widgets.

Here´s a screenr where you can also find a suitable canvas size for your projects, a brief explanation about “progressive disclosure” and how you can apply that principle to your design and a demo of the project on the iPad.

Also, on Articulate´s Word of Mouth Blog, you can find the full post “6 Tips on Designing Courses for iPad with Articulate Storyline

Hope this can help you in your future mLearning projects!

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Jerson  Campos

Nice job Mayra,

You did hit a subject I've been wanting to bring up. The way people use or are accustomed to using mobile devices should be one of the considerations for design for that device. Just like web design being responsive to what platform the site is being seen on, I think we need to start thinking about that and coming up with a design that will take advantage of the platform we are targeting. I have always had a uneasy feeling every time I heard about delivering a training course on a mobile device. The way the person interfaces with an Ipad is much different than on a PC. Don't get me started on delivering a training course on a smartphone. 

Mayra Aixa Villar

Thank you so much for all your nice comments, guys! I am so glad that you found these ideas useful and you can actually apply them to your projects. 

@Amr Absolutely! Feel free to use it!

@Jerson. I agree with you. The way people use mobile devices IS the most important consideration when designing mLearning and we always need to have their habits and needs in mind in order to deliver a great experience across different platforms. 

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