Feb 02, 2012

Anybody using Moodle as a LMS?

I am and I would like to know what your experience is creating course in Moodle and if you have used any Articulate programs to create some of your content

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Eduan  Els

That is great Phil. We use 2.2.1 it is really great. I work for a company that is the Moodle partner

Phil Mayor said:

Hi Eduan

We use moodle, it perofrms well most of the time, it works really well with articulate products both Studio and the soon to be released Storyline.  We are just upgrdaing from 1.9.x to 2.1 having a couple of issues but hopeing everything will go ok


That is great Phil. We use 2.2.1 it works fantastic. Just one question, i don't know too much of articulate products and I am not familiar with them, are Storyline and studio SCORM software or IMS Content packages?
michelle eames

HI Sharon

I have started using Storyline on Moodle and I have had no problems.  I used to use Captivate and it work in exactly the same way.

 I have lots of little courses aggregated into 1 multi sco, so I can have questions and grades at then end of sections record to the grade book.  I add a scorm activity to my courses and link to the zipped file. The only issue I have had is it seems to take a long time to load a muIltisco course and  there is a long delay between each section opening.

Apart from that it is great!!!!

Christopher Cummins

We ran into issues when hosting our SCORM content on third party servers, not directly on Moodle due to size restrictions. Our school has it's own itunes server. Placing our Articulate SCORM packages on the itunes server required placing the right files in the right location. This post helped me figure what steps needed to taken to resolve the issue. Basically we choose to use AICC compliance and uploaded only four small files onto Moodle and the rest were placed on our iTunes server. If you get a chance, check out the TinCan API. Storyline also does TinCan.

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