Move picture on motion path when media completes

Mar 19, 2018


I want a picture to move on its motion path when an audio has completed. The audio works and the rest of the slide works as well. However the picture just won't move on its path. I have tried the method by using the trigger "move picture on motion path when media completes" and I have also created a t/f variable that turns into true when the audio completes and under this condition the picture should move on its path. I don't get my mistake here. The picture doesn't move.

Thanks in advance.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Mona

looks like you have responded via email and unfortunately attachments don't display here in the forum.  You'll need to click the 'View' not 'Reply' in the email and use the grey 'add attachment' button at the bottom of the post to upload the slide.

Also, your email signature is displayed as well so you can edit it to remove if you don't want it displayed publically.

Mona Idemudia


there are 3 videos on the slide and I have two variables that turn true when the first and second video have completed and the audios following the videos have completed as well. The videos play when clicked on them. The pictures should move on their motion paths to indicate the user they should click on them. The first picture accompanied by the clicking sounds moves because I put that on the timeline. The user will then click the first video. After the fist video is done an audio plays explaining what is shown. After that audio is done another picture should move triggered by the variable that turns ture when the audio is done. The user will then click the second video that is followed by an audio again when the video has completed and so on. When that audio has completed as well another picture should move. The user will click on the third video. When that completes another audio will play. Then the slide is done and the user clicks the next button. Everything is working but the pictures do not move.

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