Multiple True/False questions on one slide...

Nov 11, 2012

Good morning from sunny Australia

I did a little blog post/screenr recording over the weekend that I then forgot to promote properly (the joys of working on a Saturday evening!)

You can find the complete story here...

This has probably been done before but the problem I faced was having multiple short True/False questions and not wanting to do the 'one per slide' thing.  The solution I came up with was to use a graded multiple response question and then manipulate it a bit to give me a 'survey style' list of questions with True or False as options for answering.

The full technique and my demo .story file are included in the blog post.

Have a lovely Monday!


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Margharita Nehme

I was looking for a way to have multiple T/F statements on one slide and would like to share a simple way of doing it. I had come across a tutorial in this forum before, didn't bookmark it and couldn't relocate it, so had to recreate it from memory, and it seems to work beautifully!

I created the slide as seen in screenshot, then used the freeform multiple question interaction, identifying which buttons were correct, selected 0 points because activity won't be graded, allowed multiple attempts so when users submit and get it wrong they can try again.

Then for each True/False button set, I select the two checkboxes, right-clicked as if I wanted to group them, but instead selected a button set for each pair, for a total of three button sets. And Voila!

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