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Nov 28, 2011


First of all; I love this forum! I learn a lot and I get soooo inspired! I just finished my first course, using a template that was provided by someone on this site - and I can't find here name (I know it's a "she"...). Thank you, anyway! =) 

I would be grateful for some feedback, please. It's a course for my school and it's in my own language, Swedish. Nevertheless, I think you can get a pretty good idea of the course. The students can both read and listen to the text and click their way through the presentation.

Would you please have a look and give some suggestions about how I can make it better? I'm on my way with the second course... =)

Take care,

Richard Jensen

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Jeanette Brooks

Congrats on finishing your course, Richard - it looks really nice!!

You did a great job matching the player colors to the content of your slides. And I like how you used hyperlinks to make the navigation so user-driven. Now if only I knew Swedish.   I did notice just a couple things... the Notes tab in the sidebar doesn't have any text - did you intend to keep that in the course? Also, the text on the seekbar overflows a bit when a slide finishes playing, I wonder if you could shorten the text label a little so that it fits?

Again, nice job on your project!

Kevin Dowd

Hi Richard,

I really loved it!  Quite nice - especially for your first course.

I only noticed two things:

1.  The fact that there were about 5 different reds that were almost the same but not exactly the same.  Did you use a color picker?  My apologies if you did.

2.  Is there a conclusion screen?  A summary / resolution / or just a "thank you for taking the course?"  Maybe there is, I just didn't notice because it's in swedish... .

Hope this helps,


Patti Bryant


GREAT JOB on your first course! It's a little hard for me to give a lot of feedback since it is in Swedish, but I definitely get an "exciting, good feel" from the pictures and colors.

One thing (and I'm not sure this will apply) that I might do is hide some of the links on the left if you can get to them within the course. For example, if you have 5 sections of the course and the course has 40 slides, maybe only list the 5 "sections" on the left and hide the rest. This way, the course jumps the learner to the sections themselves and they can use the navigation within the course to move throughout each section. I can't tell if you already did this, so disregard if you did.

I hope this helps!

Keepin' the joy,


Richard Jensen

This course is about how you can get more efficient in your studies, helping you to se a larger picture. There are no additional notes, so all the text read, is the text on the slides. I also use a slow pace reading. The idea behind this, is to allow pupils with dyslexia to follow the course (perhaps without reading - just listening...). The images in the white frames are intended to reinforce the message in the slide. In my next, there will be more images... =)

Thanks for your input!

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