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Mar 16, 2020

In Captivate (eek) there was a way to add an object on the first slide and have that object appear on every slide in the course.

 I want to add a hotspot (this is my cheater for reviewing) in the upper-left corner of every slide so I can advance as needed when testing instead of doing activities on the slide.

 Is there a way to do this without adding the hotspot to everything single slide. It's not a big deal to add, but a pain to disable/remove when ready to go live.

 Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

 P.S. This hotspot also help if you get stuck on a slide because it was programmed incorrectly. You can still get to the next slide :)

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Jeff Forrer

If you want a hotspot on all the slides.  Go to the Slide Master and add a hotspot to the master slide tied to the slides in your course. 

If there are slides not tied to that particular master slide, either add the hotspot to the other master slides, or right-click the slide and point to Apply Layout, then select the layout that has your hotspot.

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