My work sample to land my first job - Articulate - what do you think about this?

Hi everyone, 
I'm working on my portfolio to land my first job in eLearning Design in the UK. (I'm also thinking about applying for jobs in the US if it's possible.)

Here is the one I've made and I'm very proud of. ^^

I would appreciate your time and feedback. 

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Angela Dunn

Hello Sarah, 


First, you need learning objectives so the learner knows what they are going to learn.

Before you give them scenarios, educate them on the quiz questions you have set up and then the quiz will match.

Also, on the language, if you are applying in the US food expires and doesn't go off. :)

Good first attempt, check for your language for US specific jobs and always use Blooms for your learning objectives and give the learner the information before you add scenarios and quiz them.


Good luck,