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Feb 16, 2011

I've put together a free resource for anyone who wants to try it out.  It's called "The eLearning Narration Tool Kit."  It contains a series of phrases that commonly pop-up in eLearning scripts, plus a few course-specific introductions that you may find useful.  The categories include introductions, scenarios, course review, and there's some quiz-specific verbiage as well.

It's a free download, and yours to use however you see fit.  Perhaps you'd like to add a different voice for various places within an existing narration, or maybe you want to experiment with adding narration to a course...or maybe you just like free stuff. 

Whatever your motivations, I hope you find this a useful resource.  You may download it here:

Enjoy, and happy designing!


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Andy Bowyer

Thank you, Steve.  I wish I could take full credit for the idea, but it was a collaborative idea born of a conversation I had with David Anderson (to give proper credit where it's due--something I'm a big believer in.)

Sometimes the best things come from "water cooler chat."  And I really hope it's helpful.  Keep me apprised as to how you're able to leverage the resources!

And besides...we're all in this together, eh?


Melissa Kalbus

Andy Bowyer said:

You're all quite welcome, and thanks for the kind words!  Please keep me posted on how you're able to implement the content, and if you have any suggestions for future Tool Kit releases.

Happy designing.


Hi Andy,

I am creating a monthly quiz to send out to our members and thought I might infuse some of your clips. A suggestion might be a clip if they did not pass. Maybe something to compliment the pass clip you have such as:

Unfortunately, you did not successfully complete the quiz.

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Jill McNair

Hi Andy,

Just discovered this great resource - thanks so much!  Would you be willing to share some narration tips with us (or give a link if there is already a thread on this topic).  I'm not looking to become a professional narrator, but I would like to do a better job at screencasting, or on the rare occasions that I do have to narrate something.  I want to improve my intonation.  Also, do you have any secrets on the proper care and feeding of your voice so it is in top form when you are recording?  Plus any other advice you have for us "lay-narrators."



Andy Bowyer

Hi, Jill.

I have to say that in all my years of doing "voice work", the best advice I *EVER* got was in my early years of radio broadcasting.  I can't explain it, articulate (no pun intended) it, or describe it any better than this:

"The next time you're on the phone with someone...just chatting...PAY ATTENTION to the way you sound.  THAT is the way you should sound when you're 'on the air'."

I think this certainly applies to narrating eLearning, to a certain extent.  Bruce Graham does an EXCELLENT job of this.  Sometimes I think I'm a bit more "announcery" than is strictly necessary (but don't tell anyone.) 

Of course, there are many other components involved, but that's the best "rudimentary" advice I can give.  Maybe I should do another Screen Cast on this...


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