Need a method to capture, save, print user input

May 21, 2014

Hi. In a previous Storyline course, we used the Text Entry boxes to allow a learner to type some text, multiple times, then later print it all using a customized Report.html file.  We prefer not to use this method again, as it did not work in Safari (and it also required too much fuss to update the report.html file each time it is published).

What alternate ways can we allow the learner to type text (unlimited or high amount of characters), then save it ? I could build a simple form in Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro that I somehow attach to the course, perhaps? The learner will add multiple text entries to this file throughout the course, and we only want one file for them to save at the end. I can't figure a way for us to call this file when needed. I could add an attachment  that the learner would need to keep open, which is not an elegant option, but that is all I can think of.   Any ideas?  Thanks for your help!

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Jill Freeman

That is great information, Matthew. I wasn't too clear on what I hope to achieve, so I'll rephrase my request: How can we allow the learner to 1) type personal planning notes at several places in the Storyline course, and 2) to save the file(s) to their computer and print the files(s)? We actually do not need them sent or emailed anywhere - these notes are for the learner's personal use later.

At this point, I have only found 2 viable methods to achieve this:
- Use the Text Input boxes that are built in to Storyline. It allows learner to type notes on numerous screens and they can later print them. However, they cannot save their notes, and we customize the report.html that displays their typed info for printing, then update the report.html every time we publish (which is a pain).

-Add a link to a fill-able, savable dynamic xml PDF form that allows learner to keep it open/minimized during the course, type their notes, save it, and print it.  It's not so elegant to keep a file open for input during the course. (I'm also having trouble configuring it so the learner can save it...)

Matthew, you triggered a thought that I could email the notes to the learner instead of saving a file to learner's hard drive. I'll keep that in mind as an option.

I hope this clarifies the need, Matthew, and all the other gurus out there. I appreciate your ideas!

Tim Shelton

After experimenting with Text input and the Survey - Essay slide type, it would seem you can add text and keep it there even when navigating back to a previous slide and returning. However when leaving the course and returning no matter what I try the field is empty due to the variable resetting on return. 

There may be a way of doing something much more clever in Javascript with an LMS where you could store a sort of cookie containing the information.

Other than that XML or the report html are something we don't use so I cannot help there.

I hope this gives you an idea to try something else. Tracking anything other than scores is somewhat complex in SL.

Nancy Woinoski

Hi guys, thought I'd jump in with another option.  A company called eLearning Enhanced sells all kinds of widgets for Storyline and Presenter. One that I purchased was the Printable Learner Slide Notes Widget - it cost $100 bucks but is reusable in all your projects and is well worth it if you want a quick and easy way for learners to take notes and print them.

It works in Flash and Html5

Here is the link to the widget

Here is an example of it in action. click on the little notebook icon at the top right of the screen. I just plunked it in as is but you can modify it to change colours etc.

They also have some other widgets that enable users to easily print the screen they are on without including the print button in the printout - I think someone in the forum was asking how to do this recently.


The capture and print part of your request sounds like Stephanie Harnett's solution.

As for saving, would her email solution be close enough for you? If not, I'll bet Steve Flowers has a java "save" code that would do the trick. I would try to message him.

Jill Freeman

Owen Holt said:

The capture and print part of your request sounds like Stephanie Harnett's solution.

As for saving, would her email solution be close enough for you? If not, I'll bet Steve Flowers has a java "save" code that would do the trick. I would try to message him.

Jill Freeman

Matthew Bibby said:

Thanks for the clarification Jill.

I've got a javacript solution that I use to pull variables from the storyline and add them to an html file. This allows the learner to enter notes anywhere in Storyline and have them injected into this file at the end of the course so that they can then print their notes. You do need to edit some code to set it up initially, but it doesn't need to be customised every time you publish.

Let me know if this might meet your needs and if so I'll mock up a quick demo of the functionality for you to test.

@Matthew - your javascript solution sounds like it might work! Our timeline is now quite tight - would you have time to post your solution?

Abhishek Mukherjee

Thanks for the wonderful tutorial on Dynamic Workbook.

I just want to add another feature.

I have 6 courses which will contain link to the same (single) workbook divided into 6 sections. Each of the section will contain 5 or 6 questions which will be populated with user answers.

Is there any way so that when one section is filled up (lets say 1st course), the answers will be there from 1st course when the user attempts the 2nd course and so on ?

I need to permanently save the answers in the workbook when user enters the answers.

I have created two sample course (links below) containing few questions. They have link to the same workbook (which is hosted on same web server in a folder).

Any help will be appreciated.

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