Need a pro bono project to build up your eLearning portfolio?

Sep 02, 2023

If you're just learning / experimenting with Rise/Articulate/eLearning and want to build something to help out with a pro bono project, we've got the project for you! The League of Women Voters in DC has been asked to convert their classroom training on what voting is and what rights incarcerated people (or recently incarcerated people) have when it comes to voting for the Federal Prisions into an eLearning incarcerated people can take on tablets. We have the content and the activities and the test questions - we just don't have the products or skill to turn it into an eLearning.  Can you help us? Your program will be rolled out nationally and it can go in your portfolio. And we can't pay you. Any takers? Write to if you might be able to help. 

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