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Aug 15, 2011

Hello guys, i need help. One of my client need video in every ppt slides, but he don't want any disturbances while the slide ends and new slide starts and also we need show content related to the video in between. So we have a 1 hr video which we split-ed  into small parts and need to synchronize with the content.

Thanks in Advance

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Mariano Aran

I get what you mean RG.  I have done many presentations like the one you describe, in which each slide has a small clip in the presenter panel (and the clips are all small consecutive parts of a larger video).   We filmed conferences and we used to do this a lot!

I'm not sure if what you want is possible, at least I couldn't find a way to get the video to play smoothly, because there is always a split second glitch when you go from one slide to the next one.

Another annoyance I found, is that you cannot batch import the clips (same as how you can import the audio), which is a problem when you have 100+ clips to insert in a presentation.

What I haven't tried, is to have the full video (without splitting it into small clips) in the left panel.  I read somewhere that you can make a swf file that can play through the whole presentation, but I haven't tried to do this.  That might do the trick of smooth video playback for you ...

Maybe someone here knows how to do that...

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