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Mariano Aran

I get what you mean RG.  I have done many presentations like the one you describe, in which each slide has a small clip in the presenter panel (and the clips are all small consecutive parts of a larger video).   We filmed conferences and we used to do this a lot!

I'm not sure if what you want is possible, at least I couldn't find a way to get the video to play smoothly, because there is always a split second glitch when you go from one slide to the next one.

Another annoyance I found, is that you cannot batch import the clips (same as how you can import the audio), which is a problem when you have 100+ clips to insert in a presentation.

What I haven't tried, is to have the full video (without splitting it into small clips) in the left panel.  I read somewhere that you can make a swf file that can play through the whole presentation, but I haven't tried to do this.  That might do the trick of smooth video playback for you ...

Maybe someone here knows how to do that...