Need help with adding a visual to a shelve of books once user clicks a checkmark

Jun 26, 2017

Hello- sorta newbie here. 

I'm creating a course to instruct our employees on policies. My plan:

Users can click on books in any order, but must complete all 'books' before moving to the conclusion.

I'm using hotspots on each book to open a new layer that provides a summary, link to the policy and an acknowledgment checkbox. Once user clicks checkbox, that layer closes and they see the library again.

I have everything figured out except that I want to add a visual to each 'book' that the user has acknowledged. Since I'm allowing users to read books in any order, I need to figure out how to add a visual on only the books they've read so far (clicked the checkbox on the pop-out layer). 





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Tracy Parish

Hi Lori:

There are lots of ways you could accomplish this task.  

You could set each book to have different state and once view the state changes to Visited or your own "Done".  That state could change the colour of the books, add a star to them, a "book mark", a check mark, anything you can imagine.

You could, as you mentioned, have a check list that pops up as well, but then they do have to visually compare the checklist to the books available.  The list could be on a separate layer and pop out as they hover over a spot on the screen.  As each book is clicked, I would set a T/F variable to change and then have this represented on check list.

I didn't just use a trigger to change the state of the text on the check list because the state of the item on the list kept reverting to normal unless I set the layer to "resume saved state".  If I did this the animation of the check list sliding in from the right would not happen each I went with the variables.

Here is rough example in SL2

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