Need help with an animation

Mar 30, 2015

I need help diagnosing the timing of a animation/trigger and I believe I am just missing something simple.  Honestly, it's embarrassing to have to "stop and ask for directions" :) but I am just at a loss!

I have a lens flare effect on the main menu, it's a couple of semi-transparent hexagons that sweep across the clicked item and then disappear.  It looks as expected when you navigate forward, however when you return to the main menu, one of the hexagons is visible.  I can't figure out what is making it visible again as the default state is hidden and when you navigate away from the screen it is reset to hidden.  Help?!

Here is my storyfile:

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Donna Pepper

Hi Douglas, there's probably a more elegant solution (possibly using variables) than what I've done but I'm thinking maybe this would fix your problem. I added triggers to the slide timeline to make each hexagon related to the core values circle hidden when the timeline starts. As you say, it seems the hexagons should go back to being hidden when returning to the slide but I'm thinking maybe because you wouldn't want to reset the slide since that would make the narration play again, that's why it doesn't work. Hope this helps...

Douglas Audirsch

Thanks, Donna.  Ironically, I had this in place as a stop-gap measure before I posted my question.  I deleted it when I uploaded because I didn't want to influence the suggestions!  :)  The problem with this "fix" is that because the hexagons have a fade out animation on them, even with the trigger in place, when you return to the main menu, the hexagon is visible and then begins to fade out.  What is additionally confusing to me about it is that there are 3 hexagons all set the same way and only the middle one exhibits this behavior.  Like you, I am assuming there is a more elegant way of doing this. 

I realize this is just a small design flourish, but it bugs me that I don't understand the functionality better. 

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