Need help with slider functionality

Oct 06, 2016

Hi all, 

I need some help refining the functionality and colour scheme of a slider I'm working on. I think there's too much blue, although the background blue has been used throughout the project and I can't change the blues in the dots that emerge because they're taken from something else and that is their colour. 

Any thoughts on improving the look and feel of this slide as well as the slide functionality?

Advice much appreciated from a newbie!


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Hi Courtney.

Interesting challenge.  What I might do is take a little less focus off the slide itself as it shouldn't be the center point of your slide.  It's the first thing my eye is drawn to basically because of it's size.  Not so much it's colour.

Here is your before:


And my after.

I made the thumb a bit smaller, narrowed the slider, outlined the slider with the same colour as the outside edge of your slide, and made the fill a lighter blue in the same family.

It just feels a bit less heavy and less about the slider and more about what you are trying to share on this slide

Scott Kaye

This one is a bit difficult out of context.  I changed the color of your slider and the font color of your "what we measured" text.  

I am not sure why part of your text on the bottom is grayed out and it is a little difficult to understand what you are measuring.  I might choose a marker with a pulsing effect to show what you measured with a legend.  I added an example in slide 2. 

Jackie Van Nice

Hi Courtney!

Tracy's given you a great suggestion to get the scale in check. Looks so much better!

I understand the background blue is used throughout the project, but does that mean that every slide need to use it? As you know, learners zone out when they see the same thing over and over again.

If possible, I'd alternate the background colors periodically so you can use your theme colors to add focus and emphasis, as in this slider, and lighten things up so they're a bit more visually appealing. (Translation: I'd play with a white background for this one.)  :)  

Jeff Kortenbosch

A combination of Tracy and Jackie's answer would be the way to go if you ask me. Smaller slider and brighten up that slide a little. David A. does this thing (pretty sure Montse thought him) where he uses the colors in a top and bottom bar. This way you keep the theme colors but generate some varation in your slides . Something like this:


Kristin Savko

Lots of good feedback here already. I'd also make sure that when you  move the slider, that the dotted lines are at the exact same location on all the layers. Right now, when you move the slider, they sometimes jump around a little bit. Also, your little "what we measure" indication is getting lost. I would probably try to make that more prominent if it's important. I think if you follow some of the above suggestions about reducing the size, you'll have more room for that to stand out. Good luck!

Ryan Parish

I'm going to 4th Tracy's suggestion here. When I'm putting the skeleton together for my courses, I try to write out notes that say what the main takeaway should be on each slide. Especially for those times when I start geeking out with Storyline features, I have to lean heavily on auditing myself to make sure that what I'm trying to say isn't overshadowed by what I've put together to say it. Basically, features<benefits. 

Anyway, one suggestion that I might make for this process is to add a photo-realistic character to the slide that changes as the slider moves with some thoughts that might be appropriate for each stage in the process. That way, learners can start to empathize with how people might be feeling at each stage in the Loan Application journey. Just a thought though!

Keep on keeping on, and happy Friday!

Courtney Keefe

Thank you everyone for the excellent suggestions and tips! It's much appreciated. 

Phil - I've inserted your slider into my project (because it is exactly what I'm looking for) but now I can't get it to work properly. The layers aren't emerging and the colour is adding to the horizontal axis. Please see attached. I try to make sure I copied all the triggers as they are in your slide but obviously I'm missing something. 

Thanks again. 



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