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Mar 15, 2013

Got a big project with lots of software simulations, possibly 200+.

Don't want to the end user to have to take 200 tutorials and sims. Anyone have some ideas on how I might approach this?

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Jennifer St. George

I agree with Bruce, I'd look at how to divide up the content by roles i.e. managers only need to know x, superusers need to know y and daily users z.  Even those subsets might have subsets of stuff they will be doing over and over and only those are the simulations they'll really need to go through and master.

If they need to do something later that's new can you let them pick off a menu to get what they need?

I liken this kind of training to going to a restaurant - if there's a 15 page menu I'll have to go to the section that relates to my tummy in that moment and the rest is meh (shoulder shrug).

Good luck with your project!


Scott Hewitt

Hi Sara,

Some great ideas already from Bruce and Jennifer. From the information you've posted you could design an interface to divide the content and to make it more interesting to navigate. We don't know the subject but you can apply the metaphor of the menu that Jennifer used to many things. Link the interface design to your content and it will be easier to navigate through all the content objects.

Is their a hierarchy in the content? Beginner, Advanced, Etc?

Can you divide the content by role? Manager, Supervisor, Director?

Divide the content by type?

Could you divide the content by time in role? It is unlikely that anyone is going to complete all 200 videos in one session!

I don't know enough about your audience or project but where we have lots of content we've looked at providing multiple routes to different content - It keeps the navigation model fresh and makes it easier to navigation through large pages/areas of content.

have you thought about a juke box style interface?

Also when we've had lots of content like this I've done things like top picks that highlights routes through the content - you just need to be aware that people don't miss out the other content areas.

Hope this helps,


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