New Illustrated Character - Alex

Aug 13, 2013

Hey everyone,

I thought I post this up there to get some feedback from everyone. I just finished creating a new illustrated character 

Some of you already know that I will be opening an online store ( that will sell characters specifically designed to be used in e-learning modules. From some of the feedback I received, it seems like there is a need for industrial characters (police, firefighters, construction) and I've already started creating more characters in those areas.

I wanted to put the demo file here because this community has always been so great at providing feedback.  

Here is the storyline file  - Download

1. Close Storyline application if it is running
2. Copy the .acp file to C:\Program Files or Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Articulate\Characters\Illustrated
3. Start Storyline and enjoy!

If you don't have storyline you can download the png files.  Just mix and match.

Again I appreciate any feedback. You can post it here or send it to my email info(at)

Thanks everyone.



Just wanted to let everyone know that is open and has 4 characters ready with more on the way. There are also some items for that other rapid e-learning development software.

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Kristin Augusta

Jerson -

Thank you for this.  I love Paul!  I am going to try to get approval to buy him.   I love that he is a business professional and a little more narrow than the illustrated characters that Storyline offers - it's illustrated without being "comic" if you catch my drift.

Thank you for sharing - I know you've been working a long time on this and hope it pays off!!!

Kristin Augusta

Also - not sure if this can be changed, but when I open up the expressions, the icons are teeny and i have to increase the window to really see what I am looking at - I don't know if that much matters, since you can click on them and preview Alex in full - but I thought I'd mention it since I don't do that with the others. 

Looking at all of those expressions, I see why this was so long a process!  (I certainly wouldn't know where to begin - so I am not poking you about it!)

Jerson  Campos


The space for the expression was only for meant for 12 expressions.  I didn't feel like that was enough and created  16 (and would do more if the icons didn't get smaller) , but this includes the ability to choose the side faces too so it brings up the number to 32.  I'm not sure why it doesn't have a scroll bar like the poses, but you are right you can still read the text under the expressions and preview them in the side area.   Also after you insert the character in the slide and use the expression button on the ribbon bar (under format) you can see the expressions at their full size. 

I've actually gotten better now and the process is a lot smoother and faster.  I still run into some hiccups every now and then when I try something new.

Rutwin Geuverink

Excellent job Jerson, and thanks for sharing your progress and the demo character.

You mentioned that you've wanted to be a comic book artist as a kid, and I myself have had the same inspiration when I was young. Nowadays I only sporadically draw an animal/character on a whiteboard but I never made a serious attempt to "digitize" my drawings (other than scanning it)


How do you make your drawings on your computer? Do you use a drawing pad? or do you just use a mouse and shapes? or...?

All the best with your newly created website (I like your simple, but catchy logo!)


Tony Passwater


Great job ... I would like to see three characters ... 1) a short professor looking like Albert Einstein in a whit lab coat. 2) Mechanical technician in a work uniform to teach automotive technical leassons, 3) Female to teach customer service training ...

Ultimately I would like to have characters for the animation storylines

Alex Olvera

hi!!! great job!! but im really interesting to know how i can do my own character and use en articulet in the same way the other characters. I know you offert to created the character for me, but i dont like that, i really like learn how to do for my own way. CAn yoy help me? PD sorry for my english, i dont writte so well. Hi from Gadalajara, Mexico!

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