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Larry Strunk

Hi: I’m also looking for more info on Presenter ’12.  I’ve looked at the Studio ’12 Preview (New Feature Highlights) and the comparison between Presenter ’09 and Storyline.  As a long-time user of Presenter (and Captivate), here are a couple of things I’m looking for that don’t seem to be addressed: Will Presenter ’12 now recognize Action Script 3?  That will open many doors since we would be able to more easily integrate Flash and Captivate.  Also, will Presenter '12 have features similar to what Storyline has (and Captivate has some of), such as Variables, Interactive Objects (e.g., mouse-overs, buttons, etc.), or even some scripting (imagine the possibilities if Presenter recognized PPT VBA)?  Thanks for your help and patience with we anxious users out here!

Steve Flowers

The Articulate crew will be able to provide better answers. Here is my understanding:

  • Yep - Presenter '12 will support AS3! I believe it will also have HTML5 and iOS outputs similar to Storyline.
  • I don't think Variables and Interactive Objects will appear in Presenter '12 (partly due to the target of each tool and partly because of the challenges of implementation in Powerpoint)


Rebecca Mac

Would also like to know more specifically what the differences are in Storyline and the new Presenter '12. We're doing a lot of guessing and would like to make decisions whether to upgrade or switch to Storyline. I presently do a lot of animation/design on my powerpoint slides and would probably not like to lose that capability. Cost is also an issue, of course.