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Graeme Youngs

That's great to hear.

As the Articulate partner and certified trainers in the UK, we are always keen to help and facilitate Articulate groups.  

If we can help in any way (provide speakers, materials etc), do let us know. 

We can also publicise your group in our Omniplex eLearning Community (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8230721).  It's a general eLearning group that is designed to promote discussion and dialogue between eLearning users. We hold regular monthly events but we haven't got that far North as yet - perhaps we can discuss how we could do something jointly going forward once you are established.



Christine Connolly

Hi, Graeme. Thanks very much for all of your suggestions. I'll certainly be in touch with you about them. I'll have a clearer sense of what the group wants to focus on following our meeting on the 19th, so I'll be in touch with you after that. In the meantime, if you're able to publicise the group in your online community, I'd be very grateful. Thanks again!

Graeme Youngs

HI Christine

Do you have email/contact details outside of eLearning Heroes for your event as not all of our community will be members and they may want to get in contact with you?



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Sara Kelly

Hi Kate, thanks for info.  Is that the one on powderhall road in Edinburgh?

Is there an agenda, topic list at all? Great, I had registered Scotland as a location on the new group request survey, it was only by chance that I spotted it this morning on the meetup list. Sorry i missed the first one