Help with ideas for a volunteer project

Jun 10, 2015

I am wanting to create a couple of interactive games/learning courses for Scottish heritage. I need at least one to target very young, and then a little older children, and then adult. This is specifically for Clan Hay. I thought about doing something with the Highland Games concept where contestants, throw poles, Haggis, weights, use sheep dogs, knobby knees, etc. Also thought about dressing a Scottish guy in kilt, sporran, hat, plaid, etc. Or could feature the history of one of the significant battles. The trouble is that I am not an artist. I am proficient at using Photoshop, but I'm not a freehand artist by any means. So, I guess I'm looking for ideas for artwork and for learning/fun games. Also, I have no budget since this is strictly volunteer work.

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Bob S

How about a concentration-style game where they have to match images?  When they get a match correct, info about it can pop up. Eg  "Excellent!  The Clan Hay tartan was first created during the time of William II de Haya...."

An advanced age option could be a now-and-then image match.  Think: picture of Aberdeen now matched with one then

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