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Wendy Farmer
Christy Tucker

Tracy Parish has a large collection of free resources, including images. You need to check the licenses on each site, and in some cases the individual images. Anything Creative Commons (CC) licensed usually requires attribution to the source; other images may as well.


Trina Rimmer

Hi Lorraine, and welcome! I think most of us feel your pain with finding cheap & free images for courses. All of the advice and resources in this thread are spot-on, but I have a few more suggestions for you:

  1. Subscribe to Tom Kuhlmann's Rapid E-Learning Blog since he's really great about sharing the free and low-cost image sources he finds and uses for his projects. 
  2. Check out our Downloads hub which is constantly refreshed with all sorts of free assets shared by members of the E-Learning Heroes community. For instance, Ashi Tandon, recently shared these wonderful and fully customizable characters she created in PowerPoint. There are also tons of free icons, buttons, background graphics, and fully-built Storyline & PowerPoint interactions you can download and then drop into your courses...or reverse engineer to learn from.
Carolina Fautsch

Another option is to look for images in the public domain. The New York Library has many: 


I've also had success running searches for 'commercial use with modification' on, say, Flickr. I like to use public domain images because their quality tends to be quite high.