Next button not working

Jul 31, 2015

Hi All,

I'm looking for help. I've just opened a file that was about 6 months old and it was the first time it's been opened in Storyline 2 since our upgrade. The NEXT button isn't working on about 5 slides. It doesn't work when I try to preview the scene or in the LMS. I've checked the slide properties and they match the slides in which the NEXT button IS working.

Any ideas?


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Michael Crouch

Hi Courtney,

Hard to say without seeing properties throughout module.

I have attached screenshot of settings (see the green arrows), which is what i'd check is set for the relevant pages 1st.

Other than that, like I say, it's hard to say without seeing your module?

I'd be happy to take a look for you though.

Mark Anderson

You may want to check the trigger. When you add a "next" button in the player options, it automatically adds the trigger and assigns "next slide" when user clicks "next". You can change "next slide" to the specific slide number for the next slide and it should work. The "next slide" choice also won't work if your next slide is in another scene. 

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