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Feb 19, 2013

Hey there,

My client is requesting the ability for learners to take notes in their lessons that are created with Storyline.

What they'd like to be able to do is to have the ability to take notes in an integrated window within the lesson that either sends their notes to them via email, or a 3rd party application like EverNote. Also, the possibility to have the notes be persistent through multiple viewings of the lesson would be great.

They are using an LMS, I'm not sure if that changes anything.

Is it possible to add a variable to a slide that is persistent across multiple viewings of the lesson that would have a button to send to EverNote or to send to email?

I would like to present  2 or 3 different options to the client if possible.



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Jerson  Campos

I read a post on this forum that this is possible through variables and javascript (sending it through email). I don't know if it's possible to send it to evernote thought. 

BTW all variables are persistant through the course unless you change it. While it still be there if someone closes the course and resumes it? I'm not sure. I'll have to test it out. I think if you resume it the information should still be there, but if they decide to start all over, it may reset the value of the variable.

You could present another option to your client. Instead of building this note taking into the course, why not have it outside the course. The user can press a button that can launch an external window (popup) where they can take notes. This will give them the freedom to move it around the screen a lot better then just moving it around the course. I think this method will be much easier to integrate into 3rd Party apps like evernote and then they can save the file and open it up later on.

Jamie Jewer

Holly MacDonald said:

Elearning Enhanced sells a widget that does this. Not entirely sure if this is just for Studio or if it works with Storyline too. 

Thanks Holly - this looks like exactly what my client is looking for! I've contacted them to ask if it works with Storyline as well.

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