Notebook Paper

Jul 12, 2011

Hi all,

Does anyone have a good quality image of lined notebook paper that they are willing to share. I have some of the post-it size images that have been shared in the downloads section but I would like a nice looking piece of regular size paper (even with a corner turned up is good) that I can use as the slide background for a checklist job aid I'm creating on a white slide background. A vector would be great but a photo is good too if it doesn't have to be sized up so much it gets pixelated.

Thanks, Brandy

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Jarek Polanski

Hi Tom.

I found your Image on Google and it was exactly what i was looking for as Background for movie poster that i was working on. I had a tight deadline and i did not took a time to ask You if i´m allowed to use it, so i decided to thank You afterwords. I hope You don´t mind, that i used it. Attached You´ll find my poster with your background.

Best regards


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