Objects centers if dropped incorrect

Hi all,

In attached part of course I want objects dropped outside the correct hotspot to return to their original position. This is an upgraded course (From Storyline 2 to Storyline 360). I cannot get my head around this and as far as I know it wasn't an issue before the upgrade.

Slide 1.1-1.3 has a bunch of buttons containing text. When these buttons are dropped outside the green area they used to return to their original position. Now they stack on top of each other in the center of the screen. Any explanation/Solution?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michael,

Do you have the original Storyline 2 back up copy as well? I'd like to take a look at how that one behaves prior and then upgrading? I do know that adding triggers within a drag and drop to change states of the drag and drops does have unintended consequences on the drag and drop options as it essentially acts as an override. There isn't a way around it other than to choose either using the drag and drop built in options or customize and add your own state triggers. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Michael - I' was able to download and open this up, although these slides are different than the ones you shared within SL360 (if anything they looked like mirrored versions) and when I took a look at the first drag and drop slide within the SL2 file, it had no correct drop targets and you've added in a lot of custom triggers within the SL360 version.

I stripped down your SL2 back up a bit to better narrow down on testing and when using that one to upgraded to SL360 the drag and drops work as I saw in SL2, that I'm able to drop anywhere on the slide and have it stick. Can you take a look at the one I updated here.

Michael Ambech

Hi Ashley,

Sorry for providing you with a file that wasn't the same. As I didn't have Storyline 2 I didn't think I could open it and check - seeing that upgrading might have been the issue.

Turns out it wasn't :-) Anyway instead of messing around too much I simply added a trigger so each button would be forced back to its initial position if dropped in a specific hotspot. That solved the problem.

Thanks for your speedy support as always!

Best Regards