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Todd Wheeler

Our Course Review form is embedded in the LMS and follows a standard format with room at the end for specific comments. We have also used Yammer Groups to discuss specific thoughts and feedback as followup from the course. People are more likely to give better feedback as a discussion with peers than "having to fill out another stinking form" :)

Scott Kaye

Lately, I have been happily using articulate review to solicit feedback from stakeholders before production.  I then aggregate content and note whether the concerns were addressed in future revisions.  I don't use any standard questions, but as whether or not the product met the requirements outlined when I contracted the project.

Piotr Peszko

I recently used Effect Factor method that my friend created and shared: 

I also ask the following list of questions using likert 

  • Training was logical and consistent (1 - 5)
  • Tasks were engaging (1-5)
  • Instruction was clear (1-5)
  • All design elements were captured (1-5)

Unfortunately I have it in Polish ;( 

Kristin Savko

I agree with Scott in that Articulate Review is a great way to get and encourage feedback. Sending that link where they can comment on each page really makes it feel like you're reaching out and accepting to all comments. 

I also find that the more touch points at different stages in the project, the better (when possible).  If you have enough intermediate touch points, you should have a pretty good feel for what the client thinks of the end result. 

Would you refer these services to a friend or peer?  (or similar) is always a telling question.

Jackie Van Nice

Hi Andrea!

I don't actually have any standardized questions I ask clients after a project is complete.

I work through the entire project working closely with them and getting feedback all along the way, and of course I'm crystal clear on what they consider a successful outcome. Once I've delivered the project they seem happy to simply volunteer their final feedback and results.

I really like Phil's "What could we have improved upon?" question. If ever I come up with a list, I'm stealing that one.