Rise 360 Review and incorporating feedback


I sent my Rise 360 file to a client for review.  The client provided feedback that I need to incorporate.  It seems that I need to leave Review and return to the editing screen to be able to do add the feedback.  Yet in editing view, it doesn't seem that I can see the client's feedback.  Is this correct and if so, what't the best approach round this issue.

Thank you.


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Alyssa Gomez

Great question, Holly! 

The Review 360 Feedback tab will display a list of stakeholder feedback, along with screenshots of the Rise 360 course. There are two easy ways to use this tab as you edit your Rise 360 course:

  • Open the Feedback tab in one browser tab, and open the Rise 360 course in another browser tab. Toggle between the two tabs to read the comments and make changes in Rise 360. Resolve comments as you go to keep track of the changes you've made.
  • Export the feedback to a PDF, then print a paper copy. Keep the paper copy of the comments in front of you as you make changes. 

The community may have other workflow ideas for you, so I invite them to share their knowledge here!