Old Flight Board with Variable Result Showing After Animation

Dec 07, 2016

I'm trying to figure out how to make a scoreboard animation that would look like the old flightboards you'd see at the airport, where it would flicker (tiles rotating) and end on the number/score that the user has achieved. I'd love the visual effect, much like a .gif. I plan on having 2 of them. One for "visitor" and one for "home," or the user. This way when they answer the quiz correctly, they gain points. The key is to get the animation of the flicker board to look random, ending on the correct variable number. Any help? Here's an example:


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Trina Rimmer

Hey Bob. I've been chatting with the awesome Mike Enders over here, kicking around some ideas on how you could create a similar effect in Storyline. 

Mike created this example in Storyline 360 that sounds similar to what you're trying to do. I've attached his .story file here so you can reverse engineer it. The short answer is that you would need to take the %Results.ScorePercent% variable and translate that into the flip board with triggers that assess every potential scoring outcome in order to adjust the states of the number blocks.

Hopefully some other folks can weigh in with their ideas, too. I find the hive mind of E-Learning Heroes does an incredible job of coming up with really elegant and creative solutions. 


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