Online Certification and Learner Monitoring

Jun 18, 2019

If you do certifications as part of your online courses, how are you verifying that the learner is the real learner? We know about keystroke signatures, video camera and mapping against an authorized ID card/image, biometrics, etc. but each has pros & cons. Has anyone discovered something that works and is reasonable to implement?

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Julie Stelter

Hi David,

I'm not sure I know of any other reasonable monitoring tools other than the ones you mentioned. Time limits and scheduled times to take the exam are low-tech ways to achieve this. I don't mean to sound cavalier (or naive) by saying I focus on awesome learning experiences and authentic assessments so the honest people get what they need and paid for. I feel this even more strongly after the SAT/ACT scandal. What association do you work for? 



Dave Goodman

Hi Julie - we have a wide variety of clients (associations and corporate) so we get questions and requests on monitoring. Many of the employees/members travel to a central location or hotel to take their certs and people are looking for a way to provide their certs without the travel. The issue that is stopping this is always the verification - is Joe/Mary really the one taking their exams from start to finish. Some of the universities also are asking but do not have the same urgency. We have multiple associations from the small -8,000 members to ones approaching 100,000 We are working with a platform company who has an interest - if we come up with a solution, I will drop the forum a note. Do you have a similar need for your clients? You can email me at if you have any questions or thoughts. Regards.

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